International Removals

Shipments of fine art, antiques and other valuables The supreme discipline of moving services is the professional shipment of works of art. Professional moving companies who are members of our network specialize in art shipment. Shipment of art includes the complete handling, packing, crating, maintenance, storage in highly secure and humidity controlled warehouses and secure, safe transport to destination. Professionalism, an exceptional level of reliability and an extraordinary sense of responsibility distinguish our specialized network partners. We will without question meet your expectations in our service delivery.

Storage Solutions You’ve moved out and the new place isn’t finished on time? You’re in temporary accommodation but still seeking your new home? We have just the answer you need, by temporarily storing your shipment near your destination residence in one of our warehouses in which we’ll match storage method to your requirements. We can of course also look after for your goods in long term storage.

International Move We’ll tell you everything you need to know about “Door-to-Door” services via ocean freight. We’ll explain the great importance of setting up special crating, using special packing methods and making use of special loading requirements. We advise on the current customs requirements of the destination country, and will thoroughly explain the different options for shipment of small items, such as personal effects or a small volume of household goods.